GIT cheat sheet



git init . Create a local repo
git commit -a Add commit staged files
git checkout [commitHash] . Checkout to a particular commit
git rm [fileName] Remove a file
git revert [commitHash] Revert a commit

Git logs

git log Get commit logs
git log --oneline One liner logs
git log -p Logs with details of affected files
git log -- fileName Getting log of a particular file
git log --author email Getting commit list of a particular author
git log --grep="SearchKeywords" Search for a particular message
git log --graph Tree view


git stash Stash the changes
git stash pop Unstash the changes


git rebase -i HEAD~4 Squash last four commits into one
git push -f Force push the changes to upstream


git checkout -b [branch name] Branch out locally
git push -u origin [branch name] Push local branch to upstream

Delete a branch

git branch -d [branch name] Delete a branch locally
git branch -d [branch name] && git push Delete branch on upstream


git checkout master && git pull Pull latest master branch changes
git checkout [branch name] && git merge master Merge master to branch name

Amend commit message

git commit --amend Amend commits message

Amend author

`git commit –amend –author=”NAME " Amend authoor name and email

Unstage local changes

git reset Unstage local changes

Cherry picking

git cherry-pick [Commit hash] Cherry pick a commit
git cherry-pick [Commit hash] && git push Cherry pick a commit and pushes to upstream

Clean working directly

git clean -xdf Remove all files not in remote


git tag Get tag list
git tag -a [Tag name] Create a new tag
git tag -d [Tag name] Delete a tag

Get rid of local commits

git reset --hard origin/[Branch name] Delete all local commits


git revert [Commit hash] && git push Revert commit hash and pushes changes to upstream

Uncommit local commits

git reset HEAD~ Uncommit local commit
git reset @~ Uncommit last local commit

Change the URI for a remote repository

git remote set-url origin git://new.uri Set a new URI

Update a forked repository

If needed, have to force push: git push -f origin master

Import a project from a git server to another

Archive a branch

Creating a tag

Restore the tag as branch


git submodule add [submodule repo] [path] Add a submodule
git submodule update Update a submodule
git submodule update --init Add and update a submodule
git submodule update --init --recursive Add and update recusively, submodule inside submodule
git submodule update --remote --merge Merge submodule

Add existing project to Git

Pull on forced push

Change commit order

In a branch run: git rebase -i origin/master and then in the editor change the commit orders