List of keyboard shortcuts for macOS


Cut, copy, paste, and other common shortcuts

⌘X Cut
⌘C Copy
⌘V Paste
⌘Z Undo
⇧⌘Z Redo
⌘A Select All
⌘F Find items
⌘G Find next
⌘H Hide the windows of front app
⌥⌘H Hide all other apps, execpt the front app
⌘M Minimize the front window
⌥⌘M Minimize all
⌘O Open the selected item
⌘P Print the current document
⌘S Save the current document
⌘T Open a new tab
⌘W Close the front window
⌥⌘Esc Force quit an app
⌘Space Show/hide the Spotlight search field
⌃⌘Space Show the Character Viewer
⌃⌘F Use the app in full screen
Space Use Quick Look to preview
⌘⭾ Switch between apps
⇧⌘5 Take a screenshot or make a screen recording
⇧⌘N Create a new folder in the Finder
⌘, Open preferences for the front app

Sleep, log out, and shut down

⌥⌘Power Sleep
^⇧Power Put the display to sleep
⌃Power Shutdown menu
⌃⌘Power Force restart
⌃⌘Eject Quit all apps, then restart
⌃⌥⌘Power Quit all apps, then shut down
⇧⌘Q Log out with confirmation
⌥⇧⌘Q Log out no confirmation
^⌘Q Screen lock

Finder and system

⌘D Duplicate the selected files
⌘E Eject the selected disk or volume
⌘F Start a Spotlight search
⌘I Show the Get Info window
⇧⌘C Open the Computer window
⇧⌘D Open the desktop folder
⇧⌘F Open the All My Files window
⇧⌘G Open a Go to Folder window
⇧⌘H Open Home
⇧⌘I Open iCloud
⇧⌘K Open the Network
⌥⌘L Open the Downloads
⇧⌘N Create a new folder
⇧⌘O Open the Documents
⇧⌘P Show/hide the Preview pane
⇧⌘R Open the AirDrop
⇧⌘T Show/hide the tab bar in Finder
⌃⇧⌘T Add selected item to the Dock
⇧⌘U Open the Utilities
⌥⌘D Show/hide the Dock
⌃⌘T Add the selected item to sidebar
⌥⌘P Hide/show the path bar
⌥⌘S Hide/show the Sidebar
⌘/ Hide/show the status bar
⌘J Show View ⌥ s
⌘K Open the Connect to Server
⌘L Make an alias of the selected item
⌘N Open a new Finder
⌥⌘N Create a new Smart Folder
⌘T Show/hide the tab bar
⌥⌘T Show or hide the toolbar
⌥⌘V Move
⌘Y Use Quick Look to preview
⌥⌘Y View a Quick Look slideshow
⌘1 View items in Finder as icons
⌘2 View items in Finder as a list
⌘3 View items in Finder in columns
⌘4 View items in Finder with Cover Flow
⌘[ Go to the previous folder
⌘] Go to the next folder
⌘↑ Open the folder
⌘⌃↑ Open the folder in a new window
⌘↓ Open the selected item
Open the selected folder
Close the selected folder
⌘Delete Delete
⇧⌘Delete Empty the Trash
⌥⇧⌘Delete Empty the Trash no confirmation
⌥⌃ Open Mission ⌃ preferences
⌘⌃ Show the desktop
⌃↓ Show all windows of the front app


⌘B Boldface
⌘I Italicize
⌘K Add a link
⌘U Underline
⌘T Show/hide the Fonts window
⌘D Select the Desktop folder
⌃⌘D Show/hide the definition of the word
⇧⌘: Display the Spelling and Grammar window
⌘; Find misspelled words
⌥Delete Delete the word
⌃H Delete the character, left
⌃D Delete the character, right
FnDelete Forward delete
⌃K Delete the text between
Fn↑ Page Up
Fn↓ Page Down
Fn← Home
Fn→ End
⌘↑ Move to the beginning
⌘↓ Move to the end
⌘← Move to the beginning of the current line
⌘→ Move to the end of the current line
⌥← Move to the beginning of the previous word
⌥→ Move to the end of the next word
⇧⌘↑ Select between cursor and the beginning of doc
⇧⌘↓ Select between cursor and the end of doc
⇧⌘← Select between cursor and the beginning of the current line
⇧⌘→ Select between curso and the end of the current line
⌃A Move to the beginning of the line or paragraph
⌃E Move to the end of a line or paragraph
⌃F Move one character forward
⌃B Move one character backward
⌃L Center the cursor
⌃P Move up one line
⌃N Move down one line
⌃O Insert a new line after cursor
⌘{ Left align
⌘} Right align
⇧⌘| Center align
⌥⌘F Go to the search field
⌥⌘T Show/hide a toolbar
⌥⌘C Copy Style
⌥⌘V Paste Style
⌥⇧⌘V Paste and Match Style
⌥⌘I Show/hide the inspector
⇧⌘P Page setup
⇧⌘S Save As
⇧⌘- Decrease the size
⇧⌘ Increase the size
⌘= Reset the size
⇧⌘? Open the Help


⌘/ Show links on mouseover
⌘D Add bookmark
⌥⌘B Edit bookmark

Finder copy/cut/paste

⌘c Copy
⌘v Paste
⌘⌥v Cut