Helm Cheat sheet


Handy helm commands

helm create hello-world Create a Helm chart (contain deployment.yml and serivce.yml)
helm list List installed releases
helm list --tiller-namespace [namespace] List installed releases for that namespace
helm history --tiller-namespace [namespace] [project name] List all releases for that app in a namespace
helm rollback --tiller-namespace [namespace] [project name] [revision] Rollback an app in a namespace to a specific version
helmfile --selector app=[name] sync --args --recreate-pods Pod recreation for an app, with downtime
helmfile --selector app=[name] sync Restart an app without down time, hot swap
helm upgrade --namespace=[namespace] --wait --install [release/service name] -i [chart name] Upgrade a release and waiting til deployment is done
helm install [release/service name] -i [chart name] Install a release
helm install [release/service name] --dry-run --debug Dynamic dry run a release
helm template [chart name] Static dry run
helm status [release/service name] Show the status
helm get all [release/service name] Get all details
helm uninstall [release/service name] Uninstall a chart
helm get manifesti [release/service name] Shows K8s objects created by the chart
helm install --set service.name = xyz Override a value of values.yaml file
helm install --set service.labels[0].name = xyz Override an array element value of values.yml file
`` Read value from an external file
helm package [chart name] Create a compressed .tgz helm package
helm repo list List helm repositories
helm repo add [repo name] [repo url] Add a repository to helm
helm repo remove [repo name] Remove a repository
helm search repo [chart name] Search for a chart
helm inspect [chart name] See a helm doc
helm fetch [chart name] Download a chart
helm lint [chart path] Lint a Helm char

Predefiend directives

-  # 
-  # 
-  # 

Function and Pipeline

List of functions from Sprig


default default_value value # == default(default_value, value) Default value
quote value Wrap a value in quote
upper value Uppercase a value
trunc value 63 Truncate a value to 63 chars
b64enc value Base64 encode
toYaml value Convert a value to Yaml
indent 6 .Values.Name Indents a value in Yaml


value | default default_value Default value
value | quote Wrap a value in quote
value | upper Uppercase a value
value | trunc 63 Truncate a value to 63 chars
value | b64enc Base64 encode
value | toYaml Convert a value to Yaml
# if value doesn't exist use the default chart name for it

With keyword

To limit scope and avoid rewritting .Values again and again,

    - port: 

instead of


Note: the - removes an enter before directive if it’s added before begining of the directive. If added at the end of directive, it removes an enter after directive if it’s placed at the end of directive.

Logical operators

eq .Val1 .Val2 Equal
ne .Val1 .Val2 Not equal
gt .Val1 .Val2 Greater than
lt .Val1 .Val2 Less than
or .Val1 .Val2 Or
and .Val1 .Val2 And
not .Val1 Not



Useful to read array in Yaml file

- path: 

Define a variable




https://gist.github.com/tuannvm/4e1bcc993f683ee275ed36e67c30ac49 Helm functions